book launch: strategies for space and construction formation

In Zeiten des Wandels stellt sich die Frage, wie ein positiver Wandel unterstützt und gestaltet werden kann. Die Kräfte, die den Wandel beeinflussen, sind nicht Konzepte oder konkrete Projekte und Ambitionen, sondern veränderte Werte, eine veränderte Haltung, die wir gegenüber der Welt und uns selbst einnehmen. Sie bilden die Grundlage für unsere Motivationen und Handlungen und können so einen Wandel bewirken – eine grundlegende Veränderung, die von innen kommt. Diese Publikation zeigt Arbeiten aus Lehre, Forschung, 1:1 – 1:X Bau … more

Integrated Thermochromic Striation

Utilising heat transfer simulations to predict thermochromic patterns on 3d-printed façade elements.

Research project by Andreas Körner (2022-2023)

Thermochromic materials are promising for architecture, but their limited UV resistance poses a problem for external applications. Such environmentally responsive smart materials have been studied in various fields ranging from fashion to product design and architecture. Building on previous research by the author, the project aimed to overcome the limitations of thermochromics by exploring heat transfer through solids from external to internal … more


Re-mediated Zone

“Re-mediated Zone” is a project that investigates the paradoxes between the synthetic and the natural through new transformative processes of low-grade organic material. Looking at the future of public spaces and the relationship with nature as an archaeological process, the project delves into the role of innovative technologies of additive manufacturing and microbiology applied to new materials.
Deep Himmelblau, AI Research Project, Coop Himmelb(l)au, 2021

From sketch to AI: towards Hybrid Processes

Authors: Karolin Schmidbaur, Efilena Baseta

Public lecture held at the iaac lecture series on May 10, 2022
iaac institute for advanced architecture of Catalunia, Barcelona, Spain

Coop Himmelb(I)au is an international practice with a long history in building construction.

With its foundation in 1968, the practice has experienced the shift from the 20th to the 21st century that brought a variety of technological advancements along with new design methods. In this lecture, the design-to-realisation thinking and processes of key projects … more