Studio Colletti

Soft Architectures for Harsh Environments

Course No.: 848188
Teaching: Prof Marjan Colletti PhD, Jade Bailey, Harry Hinton-Hard

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Soft architecture represents an exciting exploration in the field of architecture, challenging conventions and opening up new possibilities in terms of form, mobility, efficiency and sustainability.

Softness in architecture is an emerging concept that challenges the traditional notions of rigid, static structures. It involves a departure from the conventional use of hard materials and sharp angles, instead embracing elements that convey a sense … more

Selected Topics in Architecture: Climate Response Architecture for Flooding Cities

Course No.: 848152

Teaching: Santosh Kumar Ketham

The profound impact of climate change on cities, particularly through flooding, serves as a
pivotal theme in this course. Our overarching objective is to delve into the innovative realm of
speculative design, exploring how it addresses the intricate needs of flooded cities. This dynamic
approach engages various stakeholders, disciplines, and students in a symphony of
brainstorming, scenario generation, discussions, and reflections. This immersive experience
unfolds through a tapestry of enlightening lectures, dynamic … more

Integrated Thermochromic Striation

Utilising heat transfer simulations to predict thermochromic patterns on 3d-printed façade elements.

Research project by Andreas Körner (2022-2023)

Thermochromic materials are promising for architecture, but their limited UV resistance poses a problem for external applications. Such environmentally responsive smart materials have been studied in various fields ranging from fashion to product design and architecture. Building on previous research by the author, the project aimed to overcome the limitations of thermochromics by exploring heat transfer through solids from external to internal … more

Theatrical Effects. From Pictorial Space to Spatial Images

Or from Painterly Illusionism to Augmented Reality?

Theresa Uitz

PhD thesis: 2019- ongoing

Today, the Italian painter-architect Andrea Pozzo features in any overview of Baroque architecture. The reason for this lies not in his virtuosity as a painter, but rather in the explicit architectural character of his art. It is architectural because he intervenes in and alters the existing fabric of the building, but above all because his ceiling paintings, which are accurate in perspective when viewed from one angle, … more

On the Constitution of Ornament in Architecture

Historiography, Present and Morphology

Dr. Peter Massin

PhD thesis

DOI: http://10.25651/5.2022.0001

Rigorosum 01.07.2021.
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This dissertation investigates the object-like ornament in architecture and examines its historiographic and contemporary constitution in design practice. The work is therefore both theoretical and applied. The topic of the dissertation, the ornament, is positioned at the heart of architecture and thus also amidst a cultural and technological debate, the social significance of which has become increasingly noticeable in recent years. The field … more

Augmenting Dynamic Environments

Environment-Responsive Materials as Dynamic Markers for Architectural Augmented Reality Applications

Research project led by Theresa Uitz and Andreas Körner (2021-2022)

With the awareness of our environmental responsibilities growing, architects must engage with alternative design strategies and techniques to express thermal comfort characteristics that are unseen with the naked eye and their inherent spatial features.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a digital technology that allows real events to be virtually augmented by overlaying real data with digital data. As an emergent technology, … more