E3 2021/22 KM 0 Architecture – GROW/ PRINT YOUR OWN BUILDING

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[Furthering Experimental Architectures, Strategies and Technologies]

Part of the Institute for Experimental Architecture at University of Innsbruck, operating since 2012, Studio Colletti operates at the crossroads of architectural design, building technologies and contempurary culture. Project FEA(S)T endeavours to further experimental architectures, strategies and technologies, to promote architecture as cultural production: a feat by an individual and/or a team – an achievement that requires great courage, skill, and strength – and a feast … more

Terrestrial Reef (Pahoehoe Beauty 2)

A post-digital installation within the ‘Show Garden’ silver medal winner GARDENING WILL SAVE THE WORLD – IKEA & TOM DIXON pavilion* at the 2019 RHS Royal Chelsea Flower Show .

‘Terrestrial Reef’ is a large, biodegradable 3D print hybridizing natural and synthetic elements such as soil, agar, Reishi mushrooms and robots. Conceived as a fictional 21st century techno-organic garden, it reflects on the often troubled, incompatible, even oppressive binary relationship of the built environment with the natural environment. Terrestrial Reef


REX|LAB @ Ars Electronica 2016

FrAgile 3 – Coralloid Cocoons

The installation is part of a series of prototypical and theoretical investigations into FrAgility, which explore the synthesis of agile robotic fabrication methods with fragile materiality. In this case, 3 industrial robots have 3D-printed their own structural, ornamental, porous and coral-like sheltering cocoons in concrete, one of architecture’s archetypical materials. In a second stage, which can be observed live at the Ars Electronica 2016, the robots spin a much finer, filigree and elastic layer … more