REX|LAB, 2013

3D silica sand print 1700/1000/200mm, approx. 250kg, produced for and exhibited at the 3D Printshow 2013 at The Business Design Centre, London UK

Sponsoring and fabrication: ExOne Digital Part Materialization

Photography: Marjan Colletti
Exhibited: 3D Printshow London 2013

In geometric terms, plants and monoliths stand at opposite sides of the spectrum. 3D-printing technologies allow the hybridisation of the two. On the one hand, Plantolith simulates natural processes, blurring the boundaries between tectonic elements and natural forms. On the other hand, all elements are fused together to achieve a printable file to be processed by a large-scale 3D rapid-prototyping machine. This unique piece was produced as a uni-material monolith out of silica sand. This is an additive manufacturing process, which chemically binds material, layer by layer, into the final shape.