SE New Technologies

Course No.: 848181
Teaching: Prof. Marjan Colletti and Tobias Stenico

Transdimensionality: 4D>3D>2D>3D>4D

Digital technologies have managed to further blur the boundaries between the real and the virtual, analogue and digital domains, drawings and data. This is not something totally new, as several similar attempts can be traced in history. However, we are experiencing this dissolving and cross-dissemination of domains on a higher level of complexity. In this elective course, we will engage in a cyclical workflow that takes advantage of … more

Methoden und Prozesse im Hochbau

LV: 848108
Teaching: Mümün Keser, Paul Kapeller
Kickoff: FR 10.03.2023  –>  15:00 UHR @Spielwiese HB-Institut


transLations. – mediated architecture of the present

Architects are storytellers who create visions of the undeveloped future and idealized designs. We string together stories that make our audience believe in realities that are not yet based on reality.

As the name suggests, this seminar is about the mere translation of various media inputs into an architectural design. How can we read, analyze, develop, transform and … more

Vascular Strata

Team: Marjan Colletti, Andreas Körner


The Yokohama Ferry Terminal building by Foreign Office Architects was designed in 1995 and built in 2002. It has been an icon of digital architecture, embodying computation paradigms, smoothness, and fluidity. Now, almost three decades later, the studio invites students to rethink those paradigms. While the movement of passengers through the building was a form-giving parameter for the terminal, it was also an analogy to the flow of water. In this … more

E2 Throne Room Procession

Teaching: Pavlos Fereos, Eftihios Efthimiou

The course will be taught by Pavlos Fereos and Eftihios Efthimiou and explore the brief of “Throne Room Procession” during the SS 2022/23 Semester. 

The archetypical concept of “Procession”, a ceremonial and organized in an orderly fashion movement of people, evolves throughout history in different forms, while maintaining its basic principles intact. There’s always a linear process involved and the ceremonial destination which in terms of powers and authority many times is expressed in a … more

SE Hybride Prozesse

Teaching: Martin Zangerl

In einem ergebnisoffenen Prozess werden analytische Methoden und Interpretationstechniken entwickelt, die produktive Übersetzungsschritte zwischen Medien ermöglichen.

Die vertiefte Auseinandersetzung mit 3D-scanning und dem Potential von Punktwolken bilden die Grundlage, um von einer Ideenskizze im physischen Modell über digitale Studien zu einer spekulativen Architektur zu gelangen. Die Frage ist, wie uns digitale Technologien neue Wege der Materialisierung und Tektonik erschließen können.

Weiters wollen wir in diesem Zusammenhang AR (Augmented Reality) in den Entwurfsprozess einführen. Diese Technologie soll uns … more

E2/M2 Whats the difference?

E2 848126 Gruppe 1 | M2 848188

Prototypische Rauminstallationen in 1:X – 1:1


In diesem Semester entwerfen, konstruieren und bauen wir physisch erfahrbare und begehbare prototypische Rauminstallationen im Maßstab 1:X – 1:1. Individuelle Arbeiten werden dabei als gesamträumliche Konfiguration/Komposition zueinander in Beziehung gesetzt und innerhalb einer abschließenden Ausstellung der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich und erlebbar gemacht. Es soll ein Raum unterschiedlicher Eindrücke, eigener Zeitlichkeit und Begrifflichkeit entstehen, der traditionelle und zeitgemäße Fragestellungen der Architektur aufgreift und reflektiert. Ziel des Semesters ist … more

Hailer / Kurz Modell

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The title 'determinate indeterminate' also refers to qualities in architecture that can be described as 'determinate' and 'indeterminate', the connection between which we make the subject matter of our investigations. The floor plan and architectural photographs each stand for a representation of these different qualities.