REX|LAB, 2024

Physical launch 15.04.2024 at the Milan Design Week, Milan 2024

Virtual launch 16.04.2024 of the CityX MVP (Milan Virtual Pavilion) 2024

Introducing the Quadrifoglio collection: a suite of robotically 3D printed stools at the intersection of digital design experimentation, cyclical material innovation, and robotic fabrication. Named after the Italian term for the four-leaf clover, a symbol traditionally associated with good fortune and luck, the Quadrifoglio collection embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity that defines REX|LAB: the robotic experimentation lab situated within the Department of Experimental Architecture at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Established under the leadership of Marjan Colletti in 2012, REX|LAB has consistently pushed the boundaries of architectural design and fabrication through its integration of advanced robotics and cutting-edge material technologies. Central to the fabrication process is the innovative application of additive 3D printing technologies, facilitated by REX|LABs industrial robots. This approach enables the realisation of intricate geometries and bespoke designs, while also affording opportunities for the incorporation of multi-material gradients and inherent colour properties. The stools, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, are crafted from a blend of eco-friendly, sustainable, and/or recycled biocomposite materials derived from wood, cellulose fibres, and repurposed polymers. Such an innovative material mix reflects the lab’s broader exploration of a cyclical economical fabrication paradigm that supports the development of sustainable architectural practices; it also resonates with the wider mission of design practices to push the boundaries of what is possible in architecture and design through technological, ecological and ethical design experimentation.

Quadrifoglio: REX|LABs limited collection for the 2024 Milan Design Week – a project that leverages automation and material innovation to redefine the boundaries of contemporary furniture design and showcase the intersection of cutting-edge technology with sustainable materials.

Simon Hildebrand, Amy Ehinger, Theresa Biesalski; Georg Grasser, Kilian Bauer, Marjan Colletti

Quadrifoglio S:
40x40x25cm, 3kg weight, 2.5h print time, 295m print-path length, 1.5m bottom curve length, 5.3m top curve length

Quadrifoglio M:
50x50x50cm, 7kg weight, 3.5h print time, 616m print-path length, 1.7m bottom curve length, 7m top curve length

Quadrifoglio L:
47x47x90cm, 8.2kg weight, 5h print time, 636.5m print-path length, 1.8m bottom curve length, 7.57m top curve length

Material Support: