Organised by the research group PDNB. Funded by the FWF-PEEK (Austrian Science Fund, Programme for Arts-based Research), led by Prof. Marjan Colletti at the Department for Experimental Architecture, Universität Innsbruck, Austria.


6-11 December 2022
Foyer, Architecture Building
Faculty of Architecture

The Exhibition was organised as a side event to the TRAITS of Postdigital Neobaroque International Conference 2022 in Obergurgl from 7-9 December. It showcased selected projects developed in the Studio Marjan Colletti (Department of Experimental Architecture, Building Construction and Design, Universität Innsbruck) from 2019-2022, i.e., after the publication of Meeting Nature Halfway. Architecture Interfaced between Technology and Environment in 2018. Since then, the studio has focused on the four-year-long research project Postdigital Neobaroque (PDNB), which investigates hypothetical postdigital tendencies in architecture in an alleged neobaroque context of contemporary cultural production. 

The exhibition included interim outcomes from the PDNB project itself, as well as individual projects by the research team, current PhD candidates, and affiliated researchers at the department. Two installations for the Ars Electronica Festivals 2021 and 2022 in Linz, Austria, highlight the integration of the robotic experimentation lab REX|LAB team in the studio. Preliminary design fragments developed in the pre-COVID-19 Bachelor Studio entitled ‘Postdigital Instabilites’ acted as a response to the Barocchissimo excursion to Rome, Naples and Turin in 2020. All projects attempt to describe how the design ecology evolved over the past decade and to document a process that furthers experimental architectures, strategies and technologies. What started as a focus on advanced robotic fabrication in REX|LAB continued as more thorough investigations of nature, ecology, materials, digital poetics and production, postdigital and neobaroque practices, and hybrid and transdisciplinary environments. The exhibited pieces aimed to understand the past, probe the present, and envisage the future of experimental architecture.

The FWF PEEK-funded project PDNB will conclude in spring 2023 with the publication of three books. Volume one is a collection of theoretical essays by team members. Volume two is a collection of design projects and studios from 2019 to 2022 at the department as well as text contributions of guest authors. Volume three contains the conference proceedings.