Teaching: Pavlos Fereos, Eftihios Efthimiou

The course will be taught by Pavlos Fereos and Eftihios Efthimiou and explore the brief of “Throne Room Procession” during the SS 2022/23 Semester. 

The archetypical concept of “Procession”, a ceremonial and organized in an orderly fashion movement of people, evolves throughout history in different forms, while maintaining its basic principles intact. There’s always a linear process involved and the ceremonial destination which in terms of powers and authority many times is expressed in a King’s room. A Throne Room. 

This studio investigates and designs a Throne Room as an expression of a individual narrative created by each student, which should involve the creation of a compelling back-story as a driving force for the Throne room. 

Detailed brief will be discussed on the first meeting.

Students will learn architectural tasks for developing and advanced study of the design process and training of the personal creative ability; learning to understand design as a complex decision-making process; integration of design relevant influencing factors.

The Studio will be taught via Tutorials and Pinup Reviews, along with online computational software tutorials. It will also built upon the work from previous Bachelor studio taught by Pavlos Fereos under the title “Spaceship Architecture”. (2015-2018)

First meeting on Wednesday 8/3/2023. The fixed dates and hours of the studio will be agreed upon the first meeting with all students.

References to Sci-fi and Video games examples will be discussed. The course will invest heavily on digital and computational design and digital fabrication as expressional methods for architectural visualization. 

Positive energy and Vibes and Sci-fi fans welcome.