Carl Pruscha

Lecture Series SoSe 2023

Carl Pruscha – An unusual architect

In architecture – as in art – life and work are usually closely intertwined.
Carl Pruscha is an unusual architect. His works can be found in three geographically distant places that have had a strong influence on him. New York, Kathmanu and Vienna. In the United States, Pruscha designed visionary and utopian projects. He found reality in Nepal, where the UN sent him in 1964 as a consultant. In the … more

Andrej Radman

Lecture Series SoSe 2023

The Affect Theory challenges the alleged primacy of the ‘physical’ world. We engage with a world replete with capacities, tendencies and values, not with an aggregate of objects. In the Nietzschean tenor, there is no antonym for the word ‘value’ and it can certainly not be found in the word ‘fact’. The emphasis is on the encounter, where experience is seen as an emergence that returns the body to a process field of exteriority. Sensibility … more

Stefan Holst

Lecture Series SoSe 2023

KlimaEngineering for buildings aims to achieve the highest comfort for users with the lowest possible energy consumption. Transsolar is an energy technology company that started in Stuttgart in 1992 and is now active worldwide. It works toward this goal by creating and testing new climate and energy concepts. In close cooperation with customers, architects, building technicians and other engineers, holistic solutions are sought in which local boundary conditions, the shape of the building, the materials … more


Lecture Series SoSe 2023

Climate F(r)ictions
The history of our civilization has largely been defined by the stability in weather patterns that are associated with specific geographic locations. Cities were often created and developed according to how agriculture, livestock, resources and habitable conditions intersected. In turn, these also shape how our societies have evolved as well as social constructs that adhere to different systems of value. A new climate regime is currently playing out. There is no guarantee on the … more

SE New Technologies

Course No.: 848181
Teaching: Prof. Marjan Colletti and Tobias Stenico

Transdimensionality: 4D>3D>2D>3D>4D

Digital technologies have managed to further blur the boundaries between the real and the virtual, analogue and digital domains, drawings and data. This is not something totally new, as several similar attempts can be traced in history. However, we are experiencing this dissolving and cross-dissemination of domains on a higher level of complexity. In this elective course, we will engage in a cyclical workflow that takes advantage of … more


Lecture Series SoSe 2023

Lecture 1: March 29, 6:30 pm – PAREID
Lecture 2: March 30, 6:30 pm – Stefan Holst
Lecture 3: May 24, 6:30 pm – Andrej Radman
Lecture 4: June 14, 6:30 pm – Carl Pruscha


Affect is often associated with individual feelings, a vehicle that has shaped discourses and practices in diverse fields for and around human experience. In architecture, its most widespread … more

Methoden und Prozesse im Hochbau

LV: 848108
Teaching: Mümün Keser, Paul Kapeller
Kickoff: FR 10.03.2023  –>  15:00 UHR @Spielwiese HB-Institut


transLations. – mediated architecture of the present

Architects are storytellers who create visions of the undeveloped future and idealized designs. We string together stories that make our audience believe in realities that are not yet based on reality.

As the name suggests, this seminar is about the mere translation of various media inputs into an architectural design. How can we read, analyze, develop, transform and … more

E2 Throne Room Procession

Teaching: Pavlos Fereos, Eftihios Efthimiou

The course will be taught by Pavlos Fereos and Eftihios Efthimiou and explore the brief of “Throne Room Procession” during the SS 2022/23 Semester. 

The archetypical concept of “Procession”, a ceremonial and organized in an orderly fashion movement of people, evolves throughout history in different forms, while maintaining its basic principles intact. There’s always a linear process involved and the ceremonial destination which in terms of powers and authority many times is expressed in a … more

SE Hybride Prozesse

Teaching: Martin Zangerl

In einem ergebnisoffenen Prozess werden analytische Methoden und Interpretationstechniken entwickelt, die produktive Übersetzungsschritte zwischen Medien ermöglichen.

Die vertiefte Auseinandersetzung mit 3D-scanning und dem Potential von Punktwolken bilden die Grundlage, um von einer Ideenskizze im physischen Modell über digitale Studien zu einer spekulativen Architektur zu gelangen. Die Frage ist, wie uns digitale Technologien neue Wege der Materialisierung und Tektonik erschließen können.

Weiters wollen wir in diesem Zusammenhang AR (Augmented Reality) in den Entwurfsprozess einführen. Diese Technologie soll uns … more