Course No.: 848181
Teaching: Prof. Marjan Colletti and Tobias Stenico

Transdimensionality: 4D>3D>2D>3D>4D

Digital technologies have managed to further blur the boundaries between the real and the virtual, analogue and digital domains, drawings and data. This is not something totally new, as several similar attempts can be traced in history. However, we are experiencing this dissolving and cross-dissemination of domains on a higher level of complexity. In this elective course, we will engage in a cyclical workflow that takes advantage of this new trans-dimensional production mode.

4D: scanning/animating/simulating
3D: tweaking/augmenting/modelling to improve geometry and make movable
2D: printing/cutting/lasercutting flat shapes produced by Pepakura/Houdini/Rhino
3D: assembling as paper/cardboard/foam models and 3D printing joints/connections/structural elements
4D: moving/animating/filming

End results: a series of individual smaller prototypes and a large-scale collective installation