Theresa Uitz

Natures of postdigital beings

Ein Habitat für realvirtuelle Wesen

Team: Theresa Uitz, Peter Massin

Digitality has created two ideological worlds, one within (virtuality) and one outside(physicality). Architects traditionally design for the physical, but since the advent of digitality, they also design in the virtual. The physical is serious, and its design influences our environment significantly permanently. Virtuality, however, is playful and exuberant; its design is democratised and innocuous in terms of impact compared to the physical world. The boundaries between these two opposed worlds … more

Postdigital Nature of Planet B

Postdigital Natures of Planet B is a large-scale, robotically 3D-printed 1:1 installation made of recycled plastic and other bespoke biodegradable materials. It proposes artificial-natural, physical-virtual, technological-botanical hybridity as metaphor for a future vision of a more intricate rapport between architecture and nature I the Anthropocene. It does this by exploring ambiguous overlaps and interfaces between the natural, the virtual, and the built environments. The installation was developed for and exhibited at the ARS Electronica Festival 2022 by the PDNB research … more

TRIOPIC SPECTACLE @ARS Electronica Festival 2021

Postdigital Neobaroque Transmedia – PDNB

As part of an ongoing process of diversification, as well as a contribution to the decentralisation and democratisation of the digital, Triopic Spectacle* seeks to dissolve the hierarchies between the real and the potential – a radical concept that can be traced back to 17th century baroque thinking.

Exhibition date: 09.09.2021 – 12.09.2021

VIRTUAL REALITY via Mozilla Hubs

Join the global VR domain, an interactive and online based social space that allows you as the … more

Postdigital Instabilities: Spatial Monsters

An eccentric teratology on architectural fragments

Team: Marjan Colletti, Peter Massin, Andreas Körner, Theresa Uitz

Students: Daniela Albrecht, Kilian Bauer, Alexandra Fröwis, Oliver Hamedinger, Luis Navarro Preuß, Hannah Pinggera, Altagracia Spannring, Fabian Teufel, Charlotte Thorn, Catalina Tripolt

Increasing digitalisation has influenced and formed contemporary society in a way that our daily lives, as well as our cultural environment, have changed and adjusted. Digital technologies appear as self‐evident, neither being explicitly noticed as such nor critically questioned. This influences not only … more

Poster Post Digital Instabilities

E3 – Post-Digital Instabilities : Spatial Monsters

  • WS19 | LV-Nr: 848136
  • Typ/Stunden: EP 4 ECTS-AP 7,5
  • LV-Betreuung: Prof. Marjan Colletti, Peter Massin
  • FIRST MEETING: Mittwoch 09. Oktober um 10:00 am Institut
  • In Kombination mit: 
  • SE Vertiefter Entwurf: Hochbau (5 ECTS, Theresa Uitz)
  • SE Konzept und Methoden des Entwurfs (2,5 ECTS, Andreas Körner)


Die Studierenden sind in der Lage, integrative Entwurfs- und Planungsaufgaben zu bewältigen. Sie können selbstständig und in reflektierter Weise ein architektonisches Konzept formulieren, mit dem Diskurs in Verbindung setzen und … more