An eccentric teratology on architectural fragments

Team: Marjan Colletti, Peter Massin, Andreas Körner, Theresa Uitz

Students: Daniela Albrecht, Kilian Bauer, Alexandra Fröwis, Oliver Hamedinger, Luis Navarro Preuß, Hannah Pinggera, Altagracia Spannring, Fabian Teufel, Charlotte Thorn, Catalina Tripolt

Increasing digitalisation has influenced and formed contemporary society in a way that our daily lives, as well as our cultural environment, have changed and adjusted. Digital technologies appear as self‐evident, neither being explicitly noticed as such nor critically questioned. This influences not only individual behaviour but also culture itself. We now live in a world that is (in)formed by digital mass media; it has incrementally adapted and therefore cannot be defined any longer as pre‐digital or digital but as post‐digital. This allows designers to renegotiate previously solid design pillars (such as nature, context, craft, material, typology) as approximations, techniques to produce complex and elaborated results.

Combined Course: Barockissimo Excursion (Team: Marjan Colletti, Tiziano Derme)