Year: 2020

UE Vertiefung Hochbau Prototypenbau

Active Matter

Course No.: 848158
Teaching: Tiziano Derme | Dr. Judith Acher Jenull

This semester – for the first time – we will launch an interdisciplinary course between the Department of Architecture and the Department of Microbiology of the University of Innsbruck. The course is oriented towards a material-based research approach to explore potential bonds between microbial biotechnologies and advanced building technologies. It will explore the relationship between time /design, the emergence of new materials (bio-composites). and Aesthetics related to imprecision, … more

E3 sophia builds

neue orte für neues lernen

  • Studio E3 WiSe2021 | Course No.: 848136
  • Module: Architectural Design – Integrated Project (15 ECTS-Credits, 7 h)
  • Teaching: Heike Bablick | Karolin Schmidbaur | Gilbert Sommer
  • Support:  Conrad Brinkmeier | Bernhard Sommer | Frank Stasi

Studio Meetings: Thursdays 10:00 a.m., starting Oct. 15th at the Hochbau-Institute


Studio Colletti – People

Marjan Colletti
Dipl.-Ing., MArch, PhD
Univ. Assistant
Tiziano DERME
Dipl.-Ing., MArch, PHD candidate
Senior Scientist
Senior Lecturer
Dipl.-Ing., MAS
Univ. Assistant
Andreas KÖRNER
MArch., PHD candidate
Senior Lecturer
Arch. Dipl.-Ing., PHD candidate
Senior Lecturer
Arch. Dipl.-Ing.
Univ. Assistant
Theresa UITZ
Dipl.-Ing., PHD candidate

Postdigital Instabilities: Spatial Monsters

An eccentric teratology on architectural fragments

Team: Marjan Colletti, Peter Massin, Andreas Körner, Theresa Uitz

Students: Daniela Albrecht, Kilian Bauer, Alexandra Fröwis, Oliver Hamedinger, Luis Navarro Preuß, Hannah Pinggera, Altagracia Spannring, Fabian Teufel, Charlotte Thorn, Catalina Tripolt

Increasing digitalisation has influenced and formed contemporary society in a way that our daily lives, as well as our cultural environment, have changed and adjusted. Digital technologies appear as self‐evident, neither being explicitly noticed as such nor critically questioned. This influences not only … more