Year: 2013

The Plantolith

REX|LAB, 2013

3D silica sand print 1700/1000/200mm, approx. 250kg, produced for and exhibited at the 3D Printshow 2013 at The Business Design Centre, London UK

Sponsoring and fabrication: ExOne Digital Part Materialization

Photography: Marjan Colletti
Exhibited: 3D Printshow London 2013

In geometric terms, plants and monoliths stand at opposite sides of the spectrum. 3D-printing technologies allow the hybridisation of the two. On the one hand, Plantolith simulates natural processes, blurring the boundaries between tectonic elements and natural forms. On the … more


REX|LAB, 2013

Installation and REX|LAB workshop for SmartGeometry at UCL, 2013.

Special thanks to: Innsbruck Workshop – Ernest Hager and Kevin Neurauter

REX|LAB Student Assistants: Pedja Gavrilivoc, Roger Loho and Anne Steinkogler
Tool development, IO: Stefan Hechenberger
HAL support: Thibault Schwartz

And all the participants in past Robotic FOAMing Worshops:

SmartGeometry cluster participants: Andreas Akerblom, Andrei Ivanescu, Anna Kulik, Christopher Beorkrem, Deniz Tumerdem, Dirk Krolikowski, James Warton, Khaled ElAshry, Marilena Georgantzi, Matthew Gilbert, Ozgun Balaban, Vladimir Ondejcik

University of Innsbruck: Michela Bassot, Aurélie Bis, Selina Brandstätter,