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Der Termin ist ausgebucht.
Evtl. frei werdende Plätze werden von der Warteliste nachbesetzt.

Achtung: Anmeldefrist im Sommersemester für 848111 Hochbau Grundlagen SE beachten!

Eine Anmeldung ist nur von 01. Februar 2016 bis 21. Februar 2016 möglich, Siehe LFU.
Ohne Anmeldung kann an der Lehrveranstaltung nicht teilgenommen werden.
Ringvorlesung WS 2015/16

THURSDAY, 21st of January,  18:00 @ Institute for Experimental Architecture.hochbau
Prof. Bob Sheil, Director of The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL


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WS 15/16, LV-Nr. 848112
: Großer Hörsaal (wenn nicht anders angegeben)

Nächster Termin:


Montag, 18. 01. 2015, 12:30, Großer Hörsaal: Zdenek Müller: Constructions in refugee context

Zdenek Müller Logistics Manager Médecins Sans Frontières, Dohuk (Iraq)

Plans, coordinates and monitors all logistics related activities in the project area including all non-medical assistance related activities (shelter, food, water hygiene-sanitation and essential non-food items) and provides support to medical assistance activities, according to MSF protocols and standards in order to ensure an optimal running of the project.


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Struktur - Konstruktion - Detail
Wahlfächer Bachelor
Die Lehrveranstaltung startet im Januar 2016!

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Hochbau Vertiefung
Wahlfächer Bachelor
WS 2015/16
Typ/Stunden: SE 2.0
Ort: REX|Lab
Lehrveranstaltungsleiter: Shih-Yuan Wang, Yu-Ting Sheng, Georg Grasser

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Neue Technologien - Guest Professor
Wahlfächer Master

Erster Termin:
Dienstag, 01.12.15 von 11:00 - 13:00 Uhr am Hochbau Institut.
Weitere Termine:
MO, 07.12.15 - FR. 11.12.15

Robert is a director of RIBA Chartered Architectural practice Robert Stuart-Smith Design and co-founding director of the research practice Kokkugia. Kokkugia specialises in non-linear algorithmic design processes and behavioural robotic fabrication; while RS-SDesign is currently working on design projects in the UK, Greece, China and Indonesia. Robert’s projects have been published in journals such as L’Architecture D’Aujourd’hui, L’Arca and AD: Architectural Design. His work has been a three times nominee for the Lakhov Chernikov Prize, acquired by the FRAC gallery in France, and recently recognised with an RCA Design Innovation Award. Robert is a Studio Course Master in the AA.DRL Masters program at the AA School in London, and has previously taught at WU, UEL and RMIT. He has lectured internationally at institutions including MIT, ETHZ, ICD Stuttgart,  Angewandte Vienna, Tsinghua University, and the Strelka Institute in Moscow.
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E2 I want to get high | ws15
WS 2015/16
Typ/Stunden: EP/5h, 10 ECTS
Ort: am Institut, sofern nicht anders angegeben
Lehrveranstaltungsleiter: Marjan Colletti, Galo Moncayo-Asan, Damjan Minovski
in Kooperation mit:Institut für Konstruktion und Materialwissenschaften - Arbeitsbereich Holzbau

Beginn: Mittwoch, 14.10.2015 um 14:00, am Institut!

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Hochbau M: active house
Hochbau M
WS 2015/16
LV-Nr: 848160

Typ/Stunden: EP 6 ECTS-AP 10
Ort: verschiedene je nach Gruppe 
LehrveranstaltungsleriterInnen: Heike Bablick, Volker Flamm, Hans-Peter Gruber, Sybille Pittl, Gilbert Sommer

DO 15.10.2015 [ganztägig] Stefan Holst, Transsolar Impulsvorträge
DO 15.10.2015 [19:00]
Stefan Holst, Transsolar VORTRAG für ArchitektInnen
FR 16.10.2015 [17:00] aut: vorOrt Spielturm Kristallwelten Wattens
DO 22.10.2015
[ganztägig] TRNSYS Schulung Energetische Simulation

151006_ActiveHouse_ProjectBrief 2015-10-09 17:06:12 2.20 Mb


Kick-Off 8.10.2015 14:00 Hochbau Institut
Project-Wiki: 15/16 hochbau M

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Hochbau M: large scale printing
Hochbau M
WS 2015/16
LV-Nr: 848160

LV-Betreuung: Georg Grasser, Johannes Ladinig, Thomas Mathoy

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Hochbau Seminar VORTRÄGE
Donnerstag, 26. 11. 2015, 19:00, am Institut
Georg Mackner, Tiroler soziale Dienste:
"Infrastrukturelle Faktoren für die Unterbringung von AsylwerberInnen in Tirol"

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Hochbau Seminar VORTRÄGE
Donnerstag, 26. 11. 2015, 17:00, am Institut
Arch. Alexander Hagner von gaupenraub+/-

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WS15 Bausanierung
Wahlfächer Master
LV.Nr.: 848174
LV-Leiter: Malin Markus


Bausanierung - Bauen im historischen Bestand am Bsp. eines realen Projekts im Jüdischen Viertel in Hohenems.


  • Exkursion vor Ort (Besuch des Jüdischen Museums und mehrerer beispielhafter    Projekte)
  • Konzepte im Bereich der Bausanierung
  • Grundlagenermittlung für die Konzeptfindung (Denkmalschutz, Ortsbildschutz, ...)
  • Projektentwurf + Fassadenschnitt Alt/Neu in 2er Gruppen


erstes Meeting Dienstag, 27.10.15 um 14:00 Uhr--> Pflichttermin!

Themenvorstellung und Besprechung Exkursion!

Korrekturtermine: ab 5.11. wöchentlich donnerstags um 14:00 Uhr


Freitag, 13.11.15 (Selbstorganisation in PKWs oder gemeinsam im Bus)--> Seminar am 11.11.15 entfällt!

Kosten werden noch bekanntgegeben!

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Hochbau M Input Lecture
Hochbau M

Donnerstag, 15. 10. um 9:30 am Institut
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FrAgile 1 - Paris Fashion Show
REX|Lab at work

Quaquaversal - Iris van Herpen Spring Collection Show, Paris

Iris van Herpen Paris ss 2016 show, featuring actress Gwendoline Christie, Jolan van der Wiel, Rex|Lab and Marjan Colletti

Collaborators @ REX|LAB:

Pedja Gavrilovic, Pavlos Fereos, Lukas Härtenberger

Full Credits: read more

1005-ifw-vanherpen-jumbo.jpg SS16 QUAQUAVERSAL
For Spring/Summer 2016
Iris Van Herpen explores the powerful confluence of nature and architecture. Inspired by the living tree bridges in India, the designer executes a new approach to garment construction, mixing the techniques of cutting, weaving, folding and growing into a process that transcends the boundaries of traditional clothes-making.[...]

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FrAgile 2 - Porous Cast at Tallinn Architecture Biennale
**NOW** REX|Lab at the Tallin Architecture Biennale TAB main exhibition !

Research Project by
Prof. Marjan Colletti, Kadri Tamre

Cooperation partners:

UIBK , REX|LAB , Exp.Arch, The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL , Grassmayr

Lukas Jonathan, Pedja Gavrilovic, Anna Aschberger, Chris Mell, Peter Griebel, Georg Grasser, Anne Steinkogler, Julia Fleckenstein, Maryna Shovkoplia

screenshottab.jpgTAB main exhibition Body Building, curated by Sille Pihlak and Siim Tuksam, presents an impressive line-up of internationally renowned architects and researchers, experimenting on the borderline of architecture, using new materials, cutting edge technology (robotic fabrication, multi material 3d printing, real time data analyses) and reaching out to new disciplines (fashion, engineering). The main exhibition is open from 11th September to 11th October 2015 in the Museum of Estonian Architecture, Ahtri 2, Tallinn. Find out more about the participants and take a peak at the gallery here.

Photo: TonuTunnel

FrAgile 2: Porous Cast


The installation is part of a series of prototypical (and theoretical) investigations into FrAgility (fragile + agile), which explore the synthesis of agile robotic fabrication methods with fragile materiality. The series includes tests with polyurethane foam, hot melt glue-gun adhesive, plaster, polyactic lacid PLA, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene ABS, polycaprolactone PCL, concrete, Stewalin, gel pellets, clay, sand etc.

FrAgility is a key aspect characterizing all of them - an implication for openness, dynamism, hybridity, agility and fragility. In this case a simple technique of form-carving and casting was combined with gel inlays creating “self-organized” porosity. Porosity adds additional properties to the resulting prototype, for example thermal absorption, lightness or allowing environment for other (natural) organisms - as a synergy between the natural and the artificial.


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