Month: October 2020

UE Vertiefung Hochbau Prototypenbau

Active Matter

Course No.: 848158
Teaching: Tiziano Derme | Dr. Judith Acher Jenull

This semester – for the first time – we will launch an interdisciplinary course between the Department of Architecture and the Department of Microbiology of the University of Innsbruck. The course is oriented towards a material-based research approach to explore potential bonds between microbial biotechnologies and advanced building technologies. It will explore the relationship between time /design, the emergence of new materials (bio-composites). and Aesthetics related to imprecision, … more

E3 sophia builds

neue orte für neues lernen

  • Studio E3 WiSe2021 | Course No.: 848136
  • Module: Architectural Design – Integrated Project (15 ECTS-Credits, 7 h)
  • Teaching: Heike Bablick | Karolin Schmidbaur | Gilbert Sommer
  • Support:  Conrad Brinkmeier | Bernhard Sommer | Frank Stasi

Studio Meetings: Thursdays 10:00 a.m., starting Oct. 15th at the Hochbau-Institute