Variegated Poché

PhD Defence / Rigorosum

Andreas Körner, BSc MArch


Variegated Poché

Exploring thermochromic materials as surrogate models for the design integration of surface weathering in architecture.



Current environmental and ecological pressures lead architects to reconsider the relationships between the inside and the outside, the permanence of surfaces, and the ageing of buildings. Integrating weathering through design and contextualising it in architectural theory are key components of this paradigm shift. This doctoral dissertation explores thermochromic materials as surrogate models … more


‘What is your -duction reasoning and research method?’

The main task of this seminar is to identify, define, describe, and apply one (or
a mix of) the following reasoning modes. Inductive and deductive reasoning are
the two most common investigative and argumentative strategies for doctoral
theses. However, design-research in the 21st century may challenge the
established and perhaps obsolete – or simply clichéd and/or utterly boring –
status quo of what academic rigour means. How do you plan to capture … more

Thermochromic Topologies

PhD Research exhibited at Potenziale 3 I aut. architektur und tirol (october 2021 – february 2022)

Andreas Körner

As environmental responsibility becomes more prevalent, architects are encouraged to seek alternative mechanical heating and cooling solutions where possible. This has resulted in a shift in design thinking from a desire for a uniformly heated indoor environment to a more varied and comfortable one. However, expressing the thermodynamic qualities actively can be challenging as most thermal comfort parameters are not visible and … more