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E2 - ON THE LIMIT 1:1 - build 1:1 scale music pavilion

Visit to Wienerberger Factory in Vienna

23rd November 2018 from 8:00 am 
Gathering point :Wien Mitte Landstrasse
This is only an information for the students of the course:
E2 - ON THE LIMIT 1:1 - build 1:1 scale music pavilion

The trip will take place on 23rd of November from 8:00 am in the morning. This is why all students should come to Vienna latest on 22nd of November.

All students need to organize the trip by them self - train and accommodation. Wienerberger will refund every one up to 120 euro (70 euro for the train both ways and 50 euro for accommodation).
This is why please book your trip and hotels in advance. 

You are also required to submit the invoices from the train tickets and the hotel accommodation so you can be refunded your spending on the week after the trip. Please do not forget to keep the invoices (the receipts).

Details for 23rd of November:
  1. 8:00 am
    Gathering at the Wien Mitte Landstrasse. This is a station and shopping mall in the center of Vienna. U3 and U4 U-ban stops here as well as some S-ban trains.
    Address is :Landstraßer Hauptstraße 1B, 1030 Wien.
    We will gather right in-front of the shopping mall next to the entrants closest to INTERSPAR.
    AGAIN: all students should come here on time at 8:00 am, we will go together to Wienerberger factory which is outside Vienna.

  2. 9:00 am
    Arriving at Wienrberger and dividing everyone into 2 Groups : Group A and Group B. Group A goes to the lab (to learn about brick engineering) and group B goes in a practice (of construction with bricks).

  3. 10:00 ​am
    We will exchange the activities of Group A and B. Group B to the lab and Group A to the practice.

  4. 11:00 am
    Factory tour

  5. 12:30 pm
    Lunch break

  6. 13:30 pm
    Lecture from Wienerberger product manager. 

  7. 15:00 pm
This is the program of the day. 
Once again the important points:
  • Everyone organizes the trip on their own. 
  • Maxim of 120 euro will be refunded to each student for the expenses of the trip
  • Keep the receipts from the train tickets and hotels for the refund.
  • Everyone should arrive in Vienna on 22nd the latest. 
  • On 23rd everyone gather in Wien Mitte at 8:00am

All Students should send an email with confirmation that he/she is coming to the trip to Diese E-Mail Adresse ist gegen Spam Bots geschützt, Sie müssen Javascript aktivieren, damit Sie es sehen können

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