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E2 - ON THE LIMIT 1:1 Drucken E-Mail

WS18 / 19 |  LV-No: 848102
ON THE LIMIT 1:1 - build 1:1 scale music pavilion
Type / Hours: EP 5 ECTS Credits 7.5
LV supervision: Rames Najjar, Atanas Zhelev, Wolfgang Hainz, Christoph Eppacher 
FIRST MEETING: Mittwoch, 10  Oktober um 14:00 c.t. Hochbau Institut

 Build 1:1 scale music pavilion

Design a challenging structure on the LIMIT of performance
Using “Bricks” and “Wold Leading Structural Design Tools”

Using one of worlds oldest materials “Bricks” and combining it with innovative structural design techniques we will design and engineer a pavilion structure 
right on the limit of what is possible.

Build It!! Enjoy It!! Share It!!

In the Sumner Semester of 2019 the most suspenseful designs from the E2 Course will be realized as 1:1 scale Pavilion to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Austria’s leading Brick Producer Wienerberger and the 350th Anniversary of the University of Innsbruck.
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