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Prof. Colletti keynote at the 'HABITAT Drucken E-Mail

Vernacular Architecture for a Changing Planet' conference in London, 11.10.2017

The culmination of years of specialist research, “HABITAT: Vernacular Architecture for a Changing Planet” is a once-in-a-generation large format publication. It gathers together an international team of more than one hundred leading experts across a diverse range of disciplines to examine what the traditions of vernacular architecture and its regional craftspeople around the world can teach us about creating a more sustainable future.

For the first time in the United Kingdom HABITAT contributors will have an opportunity to share their ideas in the context of the Paris Agreement.

This session will be the second from the HABITAT Events series taking place in New York, London, Brussels, Milan, COP23 Bonn, Paris, Abu Dhabi and Novosibirsk, aimed to explore global socio-economic and cultural potentials of technology development and transfer.

- Professor Harry Charrington, Head of Department of Architecture, University of Westminster Moderator
- Professor Marjan Colletti, Professor of Architecture and Post Digital Practice, The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL; Professor of Building Design and Construction and Head of the Institute for Experimental Architecture @ Innsbruck University
- ...


Speakers (continued): 

  • Dr Louise Cooke, Building Conservation, The University of York

  • Dr Nasser Golzari, Architect, University of Westminster

  • Lucas Dietrich, Editorial Director of Thames & Hudson

  • Henry Fletcher, Associate Director at BuroHappold Cities Consulting in London

  • Dr John Hemming, Explorer

  • Alexander Maitland, Architect and Sir Wilfred Thesiger Official Biographer

  • Dr Sandra Piesik, General Editor of HABITAT, and Director, Architect of 3 ideas Ltd Convenor

  • Dr Beniamino Polimeni, Architect, De Montfort University Leicester

  • Professor André Singer, President of The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (RAI)

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