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Prof. Marjan Colletti has made a contribution to the following books and publications, released in 2016:

1] Pedagogic Poetics  (Paper) in: research based education 2016 Volume 1 (April 2016, published by The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL)
2]  The Awesome and Capricious Language of Past, Present and Future Digital Moods  (Article) in: Evoking through Design: Contemporary Moods in Architecture by Matias del Campo (November 2016)
3] The Sustainability of Aesthetics  (Essay) in: The Aesthetics of Sustainability: Systemic Thinking and self-organization in the evolution of cities (2016, by Itaria Di Carlo)
4]  Post-digital-Neo-Baroque - Reinterpreting Baroque Reality and Beauty in Contemporary Architectural Design  (Essay) in: Neo-Baroques - From Latin America to the Hollywod Blockbuster (October 2016, Postmodern Studies 55, Issue edited by Walter Moser, Angela Ndalianis, Peter Krieger)
5]  Post-digital-Transdisciplinarity  (Article) in: Architectural Design Special Issue: Digital Property: Open-Source Architecture (September/October 2016 Volume 86, Issue 5 Issue edited by Wendy W. Fok, Antoine Picon) 

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