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2015 AZ Awards Winner: Best Concept Drucken E-Mail

ROBOTIC INFILTRATIONS, a collaboration by REX|LAB Innsbruck and Applied Arts Vienna wins the 'Best Concept' AZ Award 2015.


"A group from the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the University of Innsbruck used robots and a novel foam-based material to fashion a system of joints with an array of potential applications in the architecture of the future. [...]"


Project team: Instructors Andrei Gheorghe, Georg Grasser, Thibault Schwartz, and Kadri Tamre with students Matea Ban, Lu Jiaxing, Rhina Portillo, Matthias Urschler, Maria Valente, and Yi Lin Vincent; and experts Clemens Preisinger, Moritz Heimrath, Robert Vierlinger, Arne Hoffmann from Bollinger+Grohmann Engineers.

"A tidy square box is relatively easy to execute, architecturally speaking; it’s the seemingly random that tests one’s mettle. While software is making the design side easier, fabrication of different components with unusual angles continues to pose difficulties. Architecture Challenge, an annual workshop conducted by the University of Applied Arts Vienna, in conjunction with RexLab at University of Innsbruck, brought together students and experts to explore new frontiers in digital fabrication, culminating in a full-scale structure. The medium of choice: expanding polyurethane foam, combined with gypsum, water and a hardener to produce a material similar to pizza dough, which then stiffens into a rigid substance akin to Styrofoam. [...]"

from http://www.azuremagazine.com/article/2015-az-awards-winner-best-concept/

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