Triopic Spectacle is a transmedial installation that challenges the intelligent, inclusive and diverse evolution of the digital in a time of rising technological and disciplinary ambiguity and hybridity. Created for the ARS Electronica Festival 2021, the installation is developed within the FWF sponsored PEEK research project entitled Postdigital Neobaroque and part of an ongoing process of decentralization and democratization of the digital, Triopic Spectacle endeavors to flatten the hierarchies between the real and the virtual – a radical concept initiated by 17th century baroque thought.

Project lead

Univ.-Prof. DI Marjan COLLETTI, MArch., PhD


Andreas KÖRNER, Catalina TRIPOLT, Clara JASCHKE, Julian EDELMANN, Kilian BAUER, Mümün KESER, Oliver HAMEDINGER, Peter MASSIN, Theresa UITZ

in cooperation with: REX|LAB

and a generous support from: Architektur Werkstätte Universität Innsbruck