Month: October 2019

Baroque Fragments

Marjan Colletti & PDNB in conversation with Markus Neuwirth (Institut für Kunstgeschichte, LFUI)

Tutor: Theresa Uitz

Students: Albrecht Daniela, Baltaci Fatma, Altagracia Spannring, Bauer Kilian, Bichler Leo, Birkendahl Linus, Fröwis Alexandra, Hamedinger Oliver, Navarro Preuß Luis, Kang Sheen, Koc Beritan, Pepin Thibault, Hannah Pinggera, Taylor Helme Gabriella Lucy, Teufel Fabian, Tonitz Raphael, Tripolt Catalina Julia, Pleifer Manuel

In the Baroque, extravagance, virtuosity, and exuberance manifested themselves through a particularly excessive variety of built forms. Rich and spatially highly complex figurations … more


Post-Digital Grammer and the Neo-Baroque

EX Excursion – winter semester 2019/2020

Rome, Napels, Turin– 01.-09.02.2020

Team: Marjan Colletti, Tiziano Derme

Familiarization with a new Post digital design grammar in architectural design and its cultural reference to the Baroque architecture. Neobaroque postdigital possibilities are plentiful: foremost such paradigm shifts in architecture are not only reactive to changes in society but are proactive towards the production of cultural transformations such as the way we design, produce and place buildings into the … more