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Montag, 28. September 2020 18:56
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25. Oktober 2012 18:00 am Institut

Thibault Schwartz is a young architect based in Paris. He explores the evolution of architectural design practices in relation to generative algorithms and automated fabrication processes. Working in close collaboration with EZCT Architecture & Design Research, he is currently developing several hardware and software tools for robot-assisted construction and design. The “HAL” plugin for robots programming via Grasshopper is part of these tools. Paying particular attention to the development of industrial manufacturing strategies applied to architectural projects, he is attached to a systematic prototyping exercise aiming to complete and evaluate digital experiments. As a teacher, he has been sharing the knowledge gained from these experiments in numerous pedagogical events in several European schools of architecture and design such as TU Wien (Vienna), the Berlage Institute (Rotterdam), the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais (Paris), the ENSCI (Paris), and the Bartlett School of Architecture (London).
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