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Spatial stippling - structure, dots, materials, robotics

Stippling is the creation of a pattern simulating varying degrees of solidity or shading by using small dots. From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stippling>

erstes Treffen: Dienstag, 15.3.2016  10:00


LV-Nummer: 848171
Titel: Digital Architecture
Typ/Stunden: SE 3
ECTS-AP: 3,75

The seminar will explore additive manufacturing in large scale using an alternative approach to add material. 3d printing processes are usually managed by slicing objects in parallel layers. One layer gets added to the previously processed layers and therefore generates a 3d build. The given benefits of materializing complex geometries, is merely true for small scale models. As things get scaled up, gravity plus cubic relations get a driving factor for the stability and therefore for the geometry itself. 

Utilizing material addition per point enables a very local interaction with the process and the structure, looking at the overall stability and phase change condition of previously added material. Balancing objects and addition in a process sensitive operation enable a different kind of methodology for design and fabrication. The choice of material to use will be part of the conversation within the seminar. In principal we want to use three different materials that resemble various properties in order to react to specific architectural qualities – e.g.: structural, shading, insulation or translucency.

The goal is to realize 1:1 prototypes that are the result of larger design proposals that as well negotiate architectural qualities – structural, view control, etc. . Next to the prototype there need to be animations and simulations that document the process of fabrication as well as the design. In order to achieve that we will make use of modelling, scripting/coding and animation at the computational side of things as well as an hands-on approach for material testing and robotic technologies for the actual fabrication.


Tuesday 1000 @ Hochbau or will be our weekly appointment.



Die Lehrveranstaltung ist ein Seminar mit immanentem Prüfungscharakter, d.h. Lehrveranstaltungsprüfung gemäß § 7 Satzungsteil, Studienrechtliche Bestimmungen.

Die Bewertung setzt sich aus der erbrachten Leistung während des Semesters und der Qualität der Leistung des Abgabeprojektes zusammen.

Es besteht Anwesenheitspflicht - nach wiederholten (3mal) unentschuldigten Fehlen muss die LV negativ bewertet werden.

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