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THURSDAY, 21st of January,  18:00 @ Institute for Experimental Architecture.hochbau
Prof. Bob Sheil, Director of The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL



10th of December 2015, 18.00 @
institut für experimentelle architektur.hochbau


Robert Stuart-Smith | behavioural production: expanding the role of architectural design

Behavioural Production will discuss the expanding role of the architect to engage in the detailed organisation of matter for qualitative design affects.  The use of non-linear computational design methodologies that operate through behavioural and self-organisational processes enable designers to address a wide range of practical and discursive issues within a designed architectural expression.  By challenging the agency of matter, energy and time; new opportunities arise through embracing generative design opportunities within architectural production. The lecture will include a number of recent architectural projects in addition to work from Robert's studio at the AA School's Design Research Laboratory which has been exploring situated robotics for real-time design & construction processes.
Robert Stuart-Smith

Robert Stuart-Smith is the director of RIBA Chartered Architectural Practice Robert Stuart-Smith Design, Co-Founding Director of experimental design and computation research group Kokkugia and a Studio Course Master at the Architectural Association School of Architecture's Design Research Laboratory (AA.DRL).  RSSDesign recently received an RCA Design Innovation Award, while Robert's work has been widely published and exhibited, including recent acquisitions for the FRAC permanent collection and three consecutive nominations for Russia's Chernikov Prize.

www.robertstuart-smith.com   www.kokkugia.com

Shajay Bhooshan | Intelligent form - Mediating design, engineering and manufacture

The lecture is based on the argument that the discipline and profession of Architecture currently exhibits features that are consistent with a phase of consolidation, subsequent to a paradigmatic shift in the way it was conceived and produced. Such features include an increase in inter-disciplinary collaborations both in projects and publications, a discernible shift towards establishing a historic continuum in methods of enquiry, systemic generation and dissemination of scientific knowledge, and a symbiosis between research, academia and practise. By tracing the immediate contemporary-history of computational design including that of practise-based research groups such as Arup Advance Geometry Unit, Fosters' Smart Modelling Group, ZHA_CODE etc., the presentation will attempt to surmise the state of the art in computational design, and future directions in its pedagogy, practice and pursuit of technological progress. Shajay Bhooshan

Shajay Bhooshan currently heads the research activities of the Computation and Design (co|de) group at Zaha Hadid Architects, London and works as a studio master at the AA DRL Masters program. He completed his Masters Degree AA School of Architecture, London in 2006.

His current responsibilities include developing design research and and maintaining computational platforms for the same at ZHA. He has taught and presented work at various events and institutions including Tensinet Istanbul '13, ICFF Bath 12 , Designers Gallery AU 11, Design computation symposium AU 10 , simAUD 10 , Siggraph 08, Beyond Media Florence Frozen festival Amsterdam , Yale University , Universities of Applied Arts in Vienna, and Experimental Architecture in Innsbruck, and Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. Previously whilst at Populous, he played an active role in the completion of the 02 Arena within the Millennium Dome, Greenwich London, as also in the development of various design proposals for the Oval cricket stadium, London.

His Masters thesis project, swarm city, was awarded the Royal Society of Arts (London) Head Trust award in 2006. His work has been published in various publications including simAUD 2011 proceedings , International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (ACM SIGGRAPH 2008 art gallery), RSA Design Directions 2005/06 competition winners publication and Journal of Indian Institute of Architects.

http://drl.aaschool.ac.uk/ http://www.zha-code-education.org/ http://data-tribe.net/wework4her/

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