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5303676_300x300.jpg REX|LAB is a space for realizing ideas. The tools are robotic actuators and the language is CAD programs and code. Going from idea to tangible object is always a form of translation, and interpretation. With robotics and software these processes are very flexible and subject to exploration. As a medium they both claim universality. Six-axis industrial robots are universal manipulators. Code is universal expression of everything calculatable (turing-complete). This paired with their novel nature leaves much to be found, discovered, and realized.
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Terrestrial Reef 543
FrAgile 6 – Pahoehoe Beauty 809
LIQUID ROCK Vernissage 2602
REX|LAB @ Ars Electronica 2016 6782
FrAgile 2 - Porous Cast at Tallinn Architecture Biennale 13869
FrAgile 1 - Paris Fashion Show 12984
LECTURES: AA Visiting School Innsbruck 18210
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